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GBWhatsApp FAQs


You can easily come across app recommendations these days, but is it worth the download and install? To answer that question, you would need to know the most basic information about an app. We’ve gathered the common questions you might ask about GBWhatsApp so you can gain a clear understanding of what it is and what it does.


What is GBWhatsApp?

It’s just like WhatsApp but a bit more modified.

Many smartphone owners are now in possession of dual-SIM devices. What happens when they want to use each number to connect to messaging app? Devices such as Honor, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi provide app cloning functions to create another instance of an app, WhatsApp for instance.

GBWhatsApp eliminates all that by allowing dual-SIM smartphone owners to use both numbers they own using just one device. While this is its main attraction, it does offer so much more.

What are its other features?

GBWhatsApp brings more features than the standard WhatsApp. For instance, you can keep your status private and you can schedule messages to go out when you wish.

The app also increases certain limits imposed in WhatsApp. The video limit is bumped up to 50MB while broadcasts can include up to 600 people. The number of images you can send is 90.

Where can I get GBWhatsApp?

Like many other modified versions of standard apps, this one is not available in the Play Store. But you can conduct a Google search and find several places where you can get the app.

How to install GBWhatsaApp?

A GBWhatsApp APK is like an EXE file in Windows. You download it from a source then follow the installation procedures. Before you get the app, make sure Unknown Sources in Settings is enabled. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store.

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