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Half-Life 3: What We Know So Far


News about the next possible Half-Life game wasn’t enough to keep the fans guessing. In fact, we only have heard a few but unofficial announcements about the next game.

Even so, it definitely caused quite the stir among the loyal ones. Many are still patiently waiting for a future release or official announcement from Valve.

Initially, the third installment of Half-Life 2 should have carried on soon after Episode Two. Such expectations stem from Valve’s statement saying that they aim to release a new episode every six to eight months.

However, years have already passed and the team is still mum about an upcoming announcement. While this is still the case, let’s look at what we know so far.


Where we’re really at for Half-Life 3

While official announcement remains elusive for Half-Life fans all over the world, there are quite a number of news, rumors, and developments surrounding the third sequel. Here are some of those.

  1. Unofficial Plot Teaser

Recently, a former Valve writer shared a rather mysterious letter and sent fans into a full-on frenzy knowing that the letter seems to be a plot summary for Half-Life 3.

  1. Leaked Concept Art

To date, there are about 3 leaked unofficial concept art about the game. It ultimately became a topic of discussion every time one graphic concept art gets leaked. These even sent fans to speculate on the HL3 update on Steam back in 2017.

  1. Fan Projects

Following Marc Laidlaw’s mysterious letter posted on his site, the plot and many other conceptual ideas pushed a team of modders to cook up a game out of it. It definitely mirrored fan expectations and unofficial teasers over the years.


Over the years, there’s only one thing Half-Life fans want to hear the most: the official Half-Life 3 announcement. As they continue to wait and anticipate, we’ll be on the lookout for more developments!

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