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Getting Website Conversions: A Guide to Everything You Should Know

Did you know there is a way to increase your sales without spending tons of marketing dollars on advertising? 

By upping your website conversions, you can get those that come to your site to take action and make purchases with you. If your finding that you’re getting plenty of people on your page, but none of them are purchasing with you, keep reading. In this guide, we give you tons of different ways to improve your conversion rates. 


Make Sure Your Content Speaks to Your Specific Audience 

Make sure that every bit of content on your website is made with your audience in mind. This comes down to the most basic constructions of content, to the more in-depth ones.

First of all, the reading and comprehension levels of your customers should match the content on your site. You will then want to make sure that the tone and language your using makes sense and appeals to your audience. Make sure the words and phrases your using are purposeful and clear. 

Be as simple and concise as you can with your wording so that your not overwhelming readers. Fancy language may seem professional, but it’s actually inconvenient and inefficient. Instead, make sure readers can understand the purpose of your content as quickly as possible. 

Transparency Is Key

Company transparency has been a huge marketing trend this year. From advertising to social media, transparency is a key quality customers are looking for from brands. This is a great way to connect with your customers and build brand loyalty, so it’s important to make sure this is translated on your site as well. 

Avoiding using absolute words and phrases like “perfect”, “the best” and “the only”. Consumers are smart enough to know when a company is trying to oversell them by boosting their products. Additionally, avoid any over-complicated language that will be difficult to read and dim your transparency. 

Instead, when describing products or services, state the benefits of your product. Describe what your product is as well as why it will benefit customers so that they can figure out why your product is great without having to take your word for it. This is a great way to write product descriptions on your product pages.  

Using bullet points and spaces can be another great way to break up this content and make it easier for viewers to read. 

Gain Credibility With Customer Reviews and Testimonials 

Giving your website visitors access to customer reviews on your site can be a great way to build credibility behind your brand. This is especially true for first-time customers who have no idea how the quality of your products or services is.

Ask your clients or customers to leave reviews on your site after they receive their product through a follow-up email. If you are a new business and you don’t have a huge customer base yet, try rewarding customers who leave reviews on your site with a discount. This will incentivize them to leave a review, and will also increase their chances of making another purchase. 

Another great way to create credibility is to work with influencers. They can create content that acts as a testimonial to your product. Use this content on your website and social platforms.

You can also partner with them to showcase your products on their channels, which have an audience you may not have access to otherwise. Reviews and testimonials that include images or videos of your product will be the most convincing to potential customers, helping to increase conversions

Visual Appeal Is Vital 

How visually appealing your website is can have a huge effect on your conversation rate. Make sure that your website is clean, organized, professional and easy to navigate.

You’ll want to make sure your site has a balance of negative and positive space and an appealing color palette that reflects your brand. Making sure that your website is consistent in terms of text, images and colors will help to give it an organized and unified appearance. 

Additionally, the images on your site should be high-quality, as visual content is the most important for websites. Break up your site with eye-catching, useful images and video content to keep viewers engaged. 

Be Careful with Your CTAs

Your site’s CTAs or call to action buttons are the magnets that get your customer closer to making a purchase with you. When designing your site, you’ll want to make sure these buttons are carefully placed and pop out with their text and color.

When choosing your CTA button text, make sure to use an active voice rather than a passive one. Make sure this text is also results-oriented or includes a strong verb that describes the action they should take, adding urgency. 

The color of your CTA buttons will depend on your site’s brand colors, but many companies use primary colors, like red, blue and yellow, to stand out and visually strike customers. 

Up Your Website Conversions With These Tricks 

If you’re trying to increase your website conversions, make sure that you’ve checked all of these tips and tricks off your list. There are ways big and small to edit your website to make it more appealing to customers. Make purchasing easy and inviting to your customers through your website design and content so that you can up your profits this year. 

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