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Google Chrome 62.0.3202.73 APK Download Improves Overall Stability


In a world where everybody owns a smartphone, high-end browsers such as Google Chrome become very important. Google Chrome is pre-installed on every Android powered smartphone and there’s two main reasons behind that.

The first one is quite obvious, Google is the parent of Android and it wants to increase the browser’s user base. However, the second reason is that Google Chrome is in fact a reliable, fast and premium mobile browser.

Google Chrome 62.0.3202.73 APK Update

This browser is backed with tons of features which make surfing the web a more enjoyable experience. Things don’t end there since Google is always looking for new features to introduce which enhance the browser’s capabilities.

In fact, Google Chrome’s version has recently been brought up to 62.0.3202.73 through an APK update. Since this update comes in form of APK (android package kit), it means that interested users need to manually download and install it. Nonetheless, the installation process is not that complicated and it’s a small price to pay in exchange for being among the first ones to receive this new update.

Improved Stability

This new update is focused towards one thing. Google wants to make sure that the browser never crashes or malfunctions and therefore, this new update contains a handful of bug fixes and performance tweaks.

While this might be a little disappointing for Chrome fans who were expecting to hear about new and innovative updates, we need to appreciate the amount of time and effort Google is putting into bug fixes.

No one likes using an app that randomly crashes, and these updates make sure to prevent that from ever happening to Google Chrome. With that being said, Chrome users are highly advised to download this APK update as soon as possible and to make sure to install it properly.

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