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Google Maps Update – Explore the World and Beyond


Google has added satellite images from around the world on Google Maps for everyone to learn and admire. Now, Google Maps also has an interactive map of the Solar System. Al those interested can zoom in and checkout planets and moon as well as learning important things about our universe. Some of the most interesting places to visit with Google Maps are:


Apart from planet Earth there are other planets in our solar system and people can now explore with Google Maps some of them. The list includes Mars, Pluto, Venus, Mercury and Pluto.

Mars’s map is the one with the most details on it. Space enthusiasts can explore decades of images from satellites. The Martian landscape is no longer a mystery.

Pluto made its famous high-speed flyby back in July two years ago and now Google Maps also offers images of the plant which can help those interested explores different craters on the surface.

Ceres, a dwarf planet studies by NASA is the largest object in the Asteroid Belt discovered so far.


Apart from planets, the Google app offers zooming out on moons such as Earth’s Moon, Saturn’s sixth moon and more.

Enceladus is Saturn’s sixth largest moon and by using the app we can see images from NASA with the moon tiger striping on the South Pole. The moon is made of warm and salty water.

Earth’s moon can be studied watching several images taken from NASA and ESA.

The International Space Station

Space enthusiasts can also explore the International Space Station. Their journey begins inside the Cupola module and then by clicking Node 3, explorers will arrive to the Waste and Hygiene Compartment. The latter is the place where astronauts’ bodily fluids and breath are recollected and recycled into fresh drinking water.

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