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GTA V DLC and Online Receives Update by Rockstar


The American video game publisher, Rockstar, has a very busy week with the release of the new LA Noire 4K footage from Xbox One X, ahead of the game’s launch for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There is also news of new updates for GTA V DLC and GTA Online.

LA Noire

The game is scheduled to appear on the 14th of November this year for consoles: Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with 4 supports. The VR version will not include the game in its entirety but it will feature seven cases. LA Noire” The VR Case Files for HTC Vive will have seven selected cases. The game’s trailer was released yesterday and Xbox confirmed that the footage was recorded using an Xbox One X device.

The Nintendo Switch console will also receive the new LA Noir game and it includes all downloadable content, new collectibles, special abilities, detective suits, new wide, over the shoulder camera angles, intuitive touch screen controls and a Joy-Con mode with gyroscopic gesture control.

New details on the GTAV DLC

This week there was sad news for GTA V fans. The company’s director of design, Imran Sarwar, announced that there will not be a new single player DLC released. With all of the GTA 5 Online support, the making of the new Read Dead Redemption game and other projects, it is unlikely for a single player DLC contend to be created. He also explained that the GTA V game was massive and very complete. Sarwwar also mentioned the fact that Rockstar absolutely loves single-player games for their storytelling and that it can never compete with multi-player versions. The making of the game took a lot of time and resource.

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