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[Download] UC Browser PC version for Windows 7


Those that spend a lot of time browsing the internet on their mobile devices surely know about UC Browser. This alternative to the ever so popular Chrome or Firefox is one of the best solutions for internet browsing on mobile platforms. It’s great because it offers a fresh experience for anyone trying to branch out and try something different. With that being said, those that really like how UC Browser feels and performs should know that they have the opportunity of using on their PCs as well.

UC Browser is available for download on Windows 7

UC Browser is no longer just a mobile browser, and it can be installed on computers running Windows 7. This is great news because users no longer have to go back and forth between using UC Browser on their phones or tablets, and then another browser like Chrome, Firefox or even Edge on their PCs. Not that there’s something wrong with the latter browsers, in fact they are the most popular solutions worldwide, but it’s awesome when you can use the same service on all your platforms.

UC browser is available for download on Windows 7 machines in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, which means that any Windows 7 user can enjoy this great escape from the sometimes boring or mundane top tier browser that they would normally use.

What’s so great about this browser?

Sure, it’s nice that you have the option to use it on PC, but is that enough of a reason for you to actually download and install it? The answer, as most people find out personally, is yes. There are many great features incorporated in UC Browser’s resolve. Here are the best features and characteristics that recommend UC Browser:

  • It’s a very fast browser which caters to every type of user when it comes to browsing speed
  • It can be used on both PC and mobile, which is great for anyone trying to preserve unity between the platforms they are currently using
  • It comes with a download manger that’s integrated inside the browser, which makes it a lot easier to, well, manage downloads and always be on top of what the browser is copying over to your computer
  • Those that have a thing for personalization should feel right at home given the fact that UC Browser offers great customization options with things like free themes
  • It comes with support for top of the line external services, and being able to use things like Adblock Plus will prevent you from feeling restricted
  • It comes with support for multiple diverse languages, ranging from your typical English to Portugese, Hindi and even Bahasa Indonesia

If nothing else, many would agree that UC Browser is at least worth trying out, and since it can be downloaded and installed for free, there’s literally nothing to lose in giving it a spin. It might even become your default browsing solution.

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