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Clash Royale New Fun Deck Mode: King’s Cup Challenge Is Now Live


Supercell is working a lot for entertaining their players. We had fun with the Mirror Mode until last week and now we’re going to enjoy a new challenge: The King’s Cup Challenge.

You can practice daily and get to the next tier, after you gather 10 crowns. You also get 5 gems as a reward. For the next one, the King’s Cup Challenge, you will get 2000 coins as a reward and the King’s Cup Elite Challenge will give you a Legendary Chest!

Decks Created by YouTubers and Professional Players are Available in this Week’s Challenge

This mode is very interesting, giving players a blind deck that was created by the teams that competed in the King’s Cup Tournament. So, for this challenge, YouTubers and professional players created signature decks for each team and Supercell made them available through this week’s challenge.

Some of these decks are called different funny names, such as: ‘Viva La Sparky’ Deck, ‘Tower Tornados’ Deck, ‘Vitamin C’ Deck, ‘The Ultra Nytes’ Deck, ‘Sparky Master’ Deck, ‘Salty Goblins’ Deck, ‘Meta Maulers’ deck and so on.

You can check them out and see for yourself what cards each has, and which deck is the best in this week’s challenge. You will notice that some decks look more powerful than others, but they are well-built.

If you haven’t started the King’s Cup Challenge, you can do it now, after you’ve played a run for practicing the challenge (see Practice, in Clash Royale Game). Once you finish the practice run, you will get a free Challenge run. If you turn out to be a professional and win six times before you get to lose three times, then you can enter the Elite Challenge and get great rewards.

Hurry up, as this challenge will end on 29 October! Check out the King’s Cup Challenge, as it has a first run for free, so why miss out on all the fun?

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