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Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S9 Leak – Will Maintain The S Line Format


Over the last months, the South Korean giant has been working on its folding smartphone project and the proposed name so far is Galaxy X. This new and innovative smartphone will be made with hinge technology and it will have a bendable screen all packed into a flip phone format. The good news is that this innovative handset will not take the financial potential of Galaxy S9 and the two devices will also be released separately. This was Samsung will not experiment with the S line and it will not risk with the new S9.

The S9 will maintain the S line format

Galaxy X will be the phone with which Samsung dares to adventure into the unknown, while the S9 will continue the S line tradition. The advanced technology required to create a folding smartphone will be developed separately from the S9 flagship handset.

Galaxy X will be available for a limited market

It is high likely that the Samsung Galaxy X device to be made available only to the South Korean market. This decision could be made in order to analyze further consumer focused questions concerning the handset. With this release, Samsung could gain marketing knowledge for this type of foldable phone and it will create it most likely with an extended open beta of hardware instead of software.

Samsung is a company which takes risks

The Galaxy X is not the only device with which Samsung dared to explore. The same happened when the company introduced the curved edge technology to the screens. Galaxy Note Edge was initially released as a variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The device as also available in small quantities and the curved edge technology proved to be a success.

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