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Google Chrome Download For Linux, Mac And Windows Computers


There are different ways to download and install Google Chrome on Linux, Mac, and Windows computers. Here are steps that you can follow to know more about downloading and installing the specific file for your type of computer.

Downloading and Installing for Linux

You can use the file that you would download for your Windows PC. This file can also run on Linux environment, so you only need administrative rights to install it.

  • First, you need to download the installer file from this link:
  • Simply click on the download Chrome button to begin the download process.
  • After getting the file, click the install package to unpack Chrome on your computer.
  • Then, Chrome would add program information to the software manager to keep it updated.

Downloading and Installing for Mac

The file for Mac computers are different from that of Linux and Windows. Here are steps to do it.

  • You need to download the disk image from this link:
  • You need to open the file named ‘Google Chrome.dmg’ after downloading from the official page.
  • After downloading, there is a window that would open. Then, find the Chrome icon and drag this to the Applications folder. Without any administrative rights, you would be asked to authenticate first.
  • Then, you can open Chrome, but the homepage settings will be automatically imported, including the browser history.
  • After that, open Finder.
  • Take note of the sidebar of the window, which is located to the right of Chrome. Then, click the Eject icon from there.

Downloading and Installing for Windows

  • The installer file can be downloaded from the link:
  • You would be prompted to Run or Save the file you ought to download.
  • You have to double-click on the installer file if you choose to Save it, then it would begin the installation process. The browser history and the homepage settings would be automatically imported.
  • Take note that when you start Chrome, there are some differences, which depend on:
    • Windows 7 would display a Chrome window the moment everything has been set up.
    • For Windows 8 and 8.1, you would be prompted with a welcome dialog. Just click on Next and you would be prompted to select a default browser.
    • For Windows 10, you can then make Google Chrome your default browser, once a window opens after set up.

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