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Oppo Find 9 Leaked Specs and Improved Features


It seems that the release of the Oppo Find 9 device is getting closer, as a leaked photo has surfaced on the internet. We have to mention that the Oppo Find 9 handset is one of the most anticipated smartphones from the Oppo company.

The Chinese manufacturer has released the Oppo Find 7 back in 2015, but it seems that it has skipped the Oppo Find 8 and it is now preparing to launch the Oppo Find 9. According to the leaked photo, the upcoming Oppo Find 9 comes with a curved shaped bottom. When it comes to the Oppo logo, it is found in the rear-bottom side of the device.

As for the front side of the device, it is “occupied” by the screen. Even if it is quite hard to understand from the photo, according to Android Headlines, the screen is featuring ultra-thin bezels.

In concordance with Gizmo China, Oppo Find 9 will be released in two CPU variants. The Oppo Find 9 that will feature the Snapdragon 653 SoC processor will come with 4GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64GB. The other variant will feature a Snapdragon 853 SoC processor, 6GB RAM and an internal storage of 128GB.

The Oppo Find 9 will feature a 5.5-inch display that will support a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. The rear camera is expected to support a resolution of 16MP, while the front-facing one will be 16MP. It is quite strange that the company decided to put a better camera on the front side of the device, but this will please all selfie fans out there. Oppo Find 9 is expected to be powered by a 4100 mAh battery, which will be able to keep the device for an entire day without any problems.

It’s not sure when exactly the Oppo Find 9 will be released, but according to the latest rumors, the device might be unveiled in the first half of 2017 and it will hit the stores sometimes later.

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