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Google Chrome’s Latest Free Update and Why You Should Do It Automatically


When it comes to browsers, Google Chrome tends to be the most popular – often used by companies and individuals. Does that mean it’s the best? Not for some users. For example, many users are unhappy with its automatic updating mechanism. Others think the changes occur too quickly while others are not using them quickly enough.


Google Chrome’s Automatic or Manual Update Method

It’s important to understand that for the past nine years, Google Chrome has been updating itself in the background, which means users shut down the browser and restart it for the new update to take effect.

The browser looks for updates every 23 hours and 20 minutes, and when it finds something, it downloads the latest version and ready it for install. The problem is that the new install doesn’t take effect until the user shuts down the browser and restarts it.

It appears, however, that not all Chrome version gets the update when Google releases it. Rather, the well-known search engine business distributes the new copy over a period of days or weeks.

For a manual update, you need to go About Google Chrome in the Help menu. The page will tell you your Google Chrome is up to date or give you a Relaunch button.

When Will Another Update Become Available?

Various reports suggest that a new Chrome is released every six weeks, but it appears the average is 47 days for a new version of the popular browser. Simply put, Google has no set schedule. If you want to know when a new update is available, Google recommends its users to read the Chrome Releases blog.

Users can also check out the “unofficial website” that lets you know when Chrome’s projected release schedule is. Type in Chromium Calendar in Google web page, and you’ll go to the right webpage with the first result.

Chrome’s Random Crashes

There are a ton of reasons to update Google Chrome including the random crashes that tend to occur every now and then. If you notice Chrome is crashing while you’re browsing, it’s time to deal with the bugs and get the new update. New updates almost always address the bugs that appear in an older version.

It’s important for an Internet-interaction application to update regularly.

Google Releases Chrome 67 on Chrome OS

Chrome OS users can download the newest version of Chrome 67.0.3396.62 STABLE. The update comes with security updates, feature improvements, and bug fixes. If you see an issue with the latest version, it can be reported to developers so they can fix it immediately. You just need to submit your feedback using Chrome’s infamous three vertical dots and choose “Report an Issue.”

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