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Google Chrome Rumors About Adding New Ad Blocker Tool


According to reports, the big search engine company is preparing to build its own adblocker and add it to the Chrome web browser. The mentioned feature is expected to be added to both desktop and mobile Chrome browser versions.

We remind you that Google is gaining most of its revenues from advertising and this might be a quite strange move that could have a big impact on its earnings. However, let’s not forget that we’re talking about Google and we’re pretty sure that the company knows well what it is doing.

In concordance with Wall Street Journal, Google’s ad blocker will only target adverts that the “Coalition for Better Ads” is considering “unacceptable.” We remind you that this industry group has been founded in 2016 and Google is one of the members.

There are already speculations saying that the Google Chrome built-in adblocker will not block all ads and the big search engine company will still keep on getting good revenues from them. A Google spokesperson claimed that the company is working closely with Coalition for Better Ads and industry trades to explore a multitude of ways that Google along other members of the Coalition could support “Bette Ads Standards.”

If the built-in adblocker proves to be true, then Google is actually not keeping its word, after last year, it claimed that it will stay away from developing one. However, if the built-in adblocker will not block ALL ads from all website, we’re pretty sure that the users will just still use one that does its job entirely.

The bad thing is that there are already rumors claiming that Google might just block other adblockers on its Chrome web browser, meaning that you will be allowed to have only the built-in adblocker activated.

Do you think that Google Chrome will receive an adblocker sometime soon?

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