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Pokémon Go – What To Expect From Future Updates?


The Easter Event that was available in Pokémon Go for a few days has now ended. However, it seems that the developers are already working on a new event that will be soon released for the game.

According to reports, the next event that will be released for Pokémon GO will be a game-changer. We have to say that Niantic will really need to bring some new features and options to the game in order to keep the players interested. We have to mention that other rival games, such as Clash of Clans, are already receiving new updates that make the Pokémon Go fans ditch their game for some other titles that seem more fun.

Niantic is preparing some new changes to the Pokémon GO by launching a nest migration. In concordance with the dataminers, this will actually be the 19th nest migration, switching out local nests, spawns and cluster spawns.

If this is true and the developers will just bring a nest migration to Pokémon Go, then most of the players will just leave the game. According to a post from Reddit, there are already many players who already have Poliwag, Sentret and Rattata, and they are now wondering if it is still worth to play Pokémon Go.

To make things even worse, there are reports suggesting that the Easter Event was not that successful in Pokémon Go, because many players claimed that they’ve been catching the same Pocket Monsters that now have different IVs (stats) and movesets from each other. This might make the Pokémon Go fans even more frustrated, determining them to quit the game before the next update will be released for the game.

The summer update that Pokémon Go will receive will be sometime in July 2017. Until then, we should not expect too many significant changes that will be added to this game.

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