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Google Earth Gets a Guided Tour Section Update


Earth Day has been celebrated last week and it seems that the big search engine company has celebrated it by releasing a new major update for its Google Earth application.

The new Google Earth version 9 has been designed to run in Chrome web browser, by accessing this Google Earth web page. At the same time, the Google Earth app for Android OS has been updated, while the iOS version of it will be updated sometime in the next days.

On the new Google Earth version, the developers have focused on guided tours via the “Voyager” section. This allows you to jump into Street View, YouTube videos, 360° content and Google Earth landmarks. Keep in mind that the tours are led by documentarians and scientists, and some of the content has been produced by groups such as BBC’s Planet Earth team.

Google Earth also comes with a “Sesame Street muppet” section, which has been designed for kids. According to Engadget, there are currently 40 stories in this section and the developers keep updating it with new stories.

You will also notice an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, which will take you to a random point on Earth and show you a “Knowledge card” with some information from Wikipedia about that specific place.

Unfortunately, the Google Earth and Google Earth Pro for Windows PC have not been updated yet, meaning that it is still missing many options and features. However, we’re pretty sure that the developers are already working on it and that they will finally release the Google Earth and Google Earth Pro version 9 for the desktop platform.

Have you tested the Google Earth on Chrome browser or Android OS? Tell us your thoughts about the new features and options that it comes with!

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