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Top Mobile Browsers to Use for Adobe Flash Player


Flash Player is not supported by the Google Play store and you will not have the perks of receiving bug fixes or updates if you have installed the Flash Player for the Android from a 3rd party location.

If, for example, your version of Android is Jelly Bean, you will have no method of receiving support for your Flash Adobe Player.

However, there are some browsers on the market that do support Android Flash Player in case you wish to see Flash-based videos or even play supported video games

Puffin Browser

The web browser Puffin gives you a smooth experience when browsing and also Flash Support. It benefits from remote technology for Flash to help users view Flash videos or enjoy Flash games. It includes an interesting virtual mouse feature to help bridge the difference between the mobile and the desktop experience.

Boat Browser

This is a cool and fast browser for the Android device. The browser boasts complete customizability as far as the button’s location is concerned. You can even install plugins to make the browser more powerful. It also features modifiable background colors and Volume control. Another cool feature for the Boat Browser is the Bookmarks management system that supports new folder creation, import, drag and drop, export, Sync with stock browser bookmarks and batch delete.

Photon Browser

What is unique about this browser is the fact that it has an integrated streaming feature which allows you to show to others what you are browsing.

Users are able to play Flash games without having to install or download any Flash Plugins. It can run all Flash based games, videos and websites. The Photon Flash Player can be used for free with ads or you can purchase the premium pass in order to remove the ads.

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