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Skype failed logins potentially caused by ransomware


Windows 10 PC users have been recently plagued by a big ransomware campaign that has been spreading through malicious adverts on Skype. Users have been warned to update their security settings and protection following this increase in ransomware. The adverts download and install malwares on the user’s PC, and potentially leaving them exposed to having their system hijacked.

Uncovered on Reddit

This has been recently revealed on a Reddit thread, and on it multiple Skype users have voiced complaints about this malware. The adverts pretended to be updates for Adobe’s Flash software, which has, apparently, been a popular hunting ground for cyber-criminals and hackers in the past as well.

The users have noticed that the attack downloads and installs the Locky ransomware, which has been infamous in the online world for quite a while now. What this does is it locks out the users from their devices and afterwards encrypts all of their files. These can only be released once a Bitcoin ransom has been paid. Their login details have also been put at risk because of the ads each time they entered the service.

Skype mobile users have also noted that these ads have surfaced on their hand-held devices. Microsoft has urged users to use extreme caution and have also stated that they are aware of this social engineering technique that makes followers access malicious websites.

Ransomware has been growing in popularity in the recent years since users have been experiencing success with these sort of tactics. Recently, figures show that over half of British businesses have been targeted at least once by a ransomware attack in the past 12 months.

Hackers usually disguise the attack in the form of a warning from a law enforcement or government agency that informs the user he is suspect in an illegal or criminal activity.

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