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Useful Free Viber Alternatives for iPhone


When it comes to keeping in touch with your friends abroad, we have to admit that technology has evolved a lot. And this is visible both when it comes to the quality of the calls and to the number of options you have when you want to install an app. If in the beginning you only had to choose between Gtalk or Skype, thankfully now there are lots of other alternatives, especially for iPhones. But which are those? Viber is indeed one of the most popular, but let’s run through a brief list of other apps.


Despite the fact that it’s not a simple Viber alternative, it still offers the option of starting video calls. But the best part about it is the fact that if you’re not up for a video call, you can replace the video with avatars, thus remaining with a free voice call. You also have messages, audio notes, filters and some options you have to pay for.


This is a decent option if you’re not satisfied with any other app on the market. It’s not that rich in features and it has quite a small rating. You can also make audio and video calls to other people who are using Fring. It is similar to Tango, truth be told, but perhaps the fact that it is quite simple is what attracts people.


This is in fact a Google Talk client, which means that it connects you to the contacts you have stored on Gmail. You can choose between video, voice and even text chat. Many iPhone users who have chosen it declared themselves satisfied with the results. It’s not quite the alternative you would expect to Viber, but it’s quite decent for a voice chat.


The Vonage app is rather a direct competitor for Skype, not necessarily Viber. Why are we saying this? Because, for example, Vonage currently allows free calls to the US and Canada. Of course, you have a limit of 3000 minutes a month, but it’s still an awesome feature. Moreover, just like Viber, the calls to other people who are using Vonage are free. You can also initiate VoIP calls at 30% less the rates Skype offers.


One of the most popular alternatives is FaceTime. Indeed, many users consider it the best option out there when it comes to video and audio quality connections. If you turn it on on your device, it’s actually great. It just feels more real through its quality, plus it has lots of facilities and features. In order to activate it, you just need to enter your Apple ID and you’re set. It just copies the contacts from your Address Book, so you don’t have to enter anything, and it has a clean and elegant interface.


One last alternative to the popular Viber app when it comes to audio and video calls is KakaoTalk. You can find it on iTunes and it’s free to use. It weighs only 201 MB, plus it is compatible with the Apple Watch. With it, you can initiate calls, but also send messages, voice notes, photos and your location. Besides, you have some funny emoticons and stickers to spice up your conversations. The design is nice and the interface is easy to use.

All in all, there are lots of alternatives on the market if you don’t want to use Viber, it all depends on which one you like more and ultimately, what features are useful to you. The good news is that they are free to use, so you can test them and see which one suits you better.

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