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Google Earth Pro New Update Download Available with Maps Fixes


Google has developed Google Earth Pro in order to let users create maps with the help of advanced tools. This software is available on PC, Mac and Linux. A lot of people use this software for creating interesting projects, calculating distances, visualize and get GIS data and more.

The newest version of Google Earth Pro has had a few problems with it actually functioning, thus making a lot of users unsatisfied with the total outcome of the update.

There are some users who have joined hands in helping and finding solutions to the problems Google Earth Pro has been facing; we tracked them down for you in a list which you can check below.

Maps Issues

Google Earth Maps has been problematic since the last Google Earth Pro update. When users try to open the maps, the software will open everything but the actual map. It shows a black screen with yellow borders and red boxes. Solving this issue can be easy if you update graphic drivers. You must update the software from the graphic driver, and from Google Earth to DirectX.

If you still have this issue, then maybe Google Earth Pro is not available in your country and you should check if this is the actual problem or not.

If you’re not on that list of countries that cannot access Google Earth Pro, then the last alternative would be to uninstall Google Earth Pro and then reinstall it.

Google Earth Pro Has no Names of Places

There were users who stumbled upon issues regarding lack of names of the places they tried to look up using the software. Before checking other things you must see if the boxes near Borders and Labels and Places have been checked. Doing this will allow you to see place markers on the map.

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