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Google Chrome’s Settings Reminder Feature Is Broken


Living in today’s fast paced world is wonderful, but it can also get quite hectic. This is why so many of us appreciate our smart devices for their alarm and reminder features. There is an app to remind you of anything nowadays, from important meetings to birthdays and even your period (ladies know it all too well). And one particular reminder feature is used very often because it is accessible and user-friendly. Or at least it was used very often, because now it seems to be broken.

Google Chrome Broke Reminders

If you’re a fan of reminders, then you are familiar with the feature in Chrome that reminds you to do stuff. This feature is (or was) really easy to use because all you had to do is type in the Search box on Chrome what you needed to be reminded of. Needless to say, this reminder feature is a fan favorite amongst Google Chrome users.

This is why what I’m about to say will hit some of you out there extra hard: the reminders setting in Google Chrome seems to be broken. Although the feature is still listed on the Google Chrome support page, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. And Google hasn’t given any official statement on it thus far. People like you and me out there on the Internet discovered it by accident when trying to use it. So does this mean that Google Chrome will no longer have a reminders feature? Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Update: The reminder feature on Google Chrome seems to be back up again and it’s working just find. Whew! A lot of people that used it often will most definitely feel relieved now. Are you amongst them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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