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Google kills GTalk – What’s Going to Happen Next?


Soon, Google will be shutting down the chat service Google Talk, this being replaced with the more recent Google Hangouts. The change will come into effect starting with June 26. After this date, you will be switched to Hangouts for good. Gtalk has been initially launched back in 2005, and it started declining in 2013. Upon its release, Google presented it as a basic chat experience for the Gmail users.

Meanwhile, Hangouts is now being used as a business app, given the fact that Google also offers Duo and Android Messages. Before, whoever used Gmail had to switch between Gtalk or Hangouts. The company representatives declared in a blog post that if you are using Gtalk, you will receive a prompt in the following weeks with an invitation to start using Hangouts instead.

Hangouts – A Compulsory Choice

You have until June 26 to switch to Hangouts, that is, if you wish to do so. However, if you want to stick to the same type of app, this one is the most recommended one. On the official Google support page you can find a series of topics showing how the Gtalk stands against the newer Hangouts, if you’re still not decided on which path to follow.

At the same time, Google plans to turn the Hangouts app into a more business-oriented app. They will quit the SMS service included in Hangouts in order to take on Slack, as we found out earlier in an announcement about rebranding. According to their official declarations, the move is aimed to improving some of the most popular features of the app, such as group chat and video conferences. For alternatives that target individual users more, Google will also be heading towards the Android Messages app. All in all, it seems that this is going to be all for the good of the user.

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