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Firefox Best Tips and Shortcuts for a Better Use


If your computer runs on Windows OS, then you should know that Firefox is a very good alternative to Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Today we will give you some tips and tricks that you can use on this browser developed by Mozilla.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts that you can use on Firefox, but today we will tell you about a few very useful ones:

  • CTRL+T: Open a new tab;
  • CTRL+W: Close Tab;
  • CLTR+1-9: Jump to a specific tab without using your money (1 stands for the first tab open (the very left one one));
  • CLTR+F: Find;
  • CTRL+R (or) F5- Reload.

Customizing Your Control Panel

The Control Panel can be customized as you want by selecting Menu->Customize. Once you do this, you are able to add or remove the items from the Control Panel. You just need to drag and drop the tools and features that you want to have on the control panel and you’re good to go.

Saving And Organizing Your Bookmarks

Firefox allows you to easily bookmark a favorite website by just clicking on the “Star” button found at the right side of the address bar. You also have the possibility to edit the title of the bookmark or even add tags. You have the ability to change the location where you want to save the bookmark, which is always good if you are a person who wants to keep things in order.

Setting Up The Master Password

Firefox is able to store your passwords on websites, but what’s awesome is that the browser is allowing you to have a master password. This means that whenever a username and password are auto-completed on a specific website, the browser will ask you for the master password. If you don’t enter the correct password, the saved username and password will not be used.

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