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Mac vs. PC – Software, Interface, Security and Design


This is a battle that has indeed spread in time and space. There are lots of supporters on each side of the war, and there seems to be no concrete result for this fight for dominance on the computer market. There are also other sides of the battle unraveling: Canon vs. Nikon, Xbox vs. PlayStation, Android vs. iOS etc. However, today we are going to deal with the main fight, that between PC and Mac.


This may seem that it’s an easy win for Apple, since the design is one of its strong points in the industry. However, it’s not that simple! Back in 1998, the design was quite a breakthrough on the market, and if we were to be honest, the smooth elegant lines Mac computers have influenced an entire industry. However, the company did not change this for years in a row now, and this while rivals revealed lots of interesting hardware designs: Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book from Microsoft, Spectre 13 from HP etc.

Meanwhile, the Windows devices represent a large array at this moment, and you have lots of machines to choose from, so it’s a plus for them.


There is really no argument here: when you get yourself a Mac, you receive more useful software installed on it than on any Windows laptop you can find. You get no bloatware or any other kind of trial software, but instead you get useful apps for video production, photo editing, audio production and the full suite for Number, Keynote and Pages.

At the same time, Windows does not present itself that good at this point. You do get a photo app, but it helps more with organizing than with editing. However, it compensates with third-party apps which you can buy, which are definitely more than the ones on Mac, but the thing is that with Mac you don’t need to use any third-party apps.


This has been for a long time the place of dominance of the PCs, and with the new Windows 10, we can definitely say that they are the winner. Leaving aside the fact that PCs support loads of game titles, now you can stream games from consoles too, such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, Macs don’t offer as many gaming options, and they only let you stream PS4.


Now things are getting really interesting. The battle between OSX and Windows has been going on for years now, and both user interfaces are good. Windows 8 has even included touch and speech in its user interface, which is definitely a step forward. At the same time, Windows 10 also includes Cortana, which allows you to schedule several appointments, to create reminders, conduct searches, plus other functions activated through voice command.

Apple also brings Siri on MAC OS, with similar features. However, they win here with the fact that they offer the best touch experience available on the market. Windows also offers the touch function, but it’s better implemented on Macs.


This is definitely one point where Apple wins. They have been bragging about it, and it’s true indeed, that there are more chances to get viruses on a Windows machine than on a Mac one. This happens because Macs represent quite a small percentage of the computers that are currently in use worldwide, so hackers don’t really attack them.

However, this status quo might be about to change. In 2016 we saw the rise of the Keyrangerransomware, which attacked the OSX and encrypted all the data it could find on a hard drive until people paid a fee.

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