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Microsoft Surface CloudBook Rumors About The New Arrival


The adventure Microsoft had with the Windows Phone devices did not have the result many people expected. Maybe because of this, the company sold the Nokia business last year, shortly after they bought it. While we are waiting for some updates regarding the Surface Book and the Microsoft Surface Pro, the tech giant seems to have other plans.

New Plans for the Event

When the company made the announcement that they will be hosting a special event on May 2, we all believed that it will reveal the Microsoft Surface 2 or the Surface Pro 5 devices. Despite this, there are small chances that this will happen at the event in New York. The Redmond company has been using a special hashtag, namely “#MicrosoftEdu” in order to show that the event focuses mainly on their education project, which might in fact be the Windows 10 Cloud project.

Surface Cloudbook

At the same event they announced, the company may introduce us to a new product wearing the name Microsoft Surface CloudBook. According to the rumors, this might be the Chromebook rival we’ve been expecting for quite a while now.

Essentially, the Windows 10 Cloud Project is a different version of the Windows 10 OS, except that it will let you download apps from the Windows Store. Also, it will not allow you to install other third-party apps, which might be a drawback. According to the report, the product might be a lot cheaper than other versions of the Windows 10, such as Windows 10 Home or Pro.

Quite recently, the tech giant released an app collection dedicated to the Windows Store. This included a ‘cloudbook’ ID, and we could see that the apps have an educational purpose. It seems that the device will run on an ARM chip, probably the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 one.

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