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OnePlus 5 vs. Nokia 9 – Best Display, Software and Hardware Comparison


Generally we are used to seeing battles carried on by tech giants such as Samsung and Apple. However, every once in a while we see that a smartphone manufacturer comes out of the shadow and brings some competition to the giants. This is the case with Nokia and OnePlus, who have created quite a niche for their products.


According to the rumors, Nokia 9 might come together with a 5.5 inches QHD OLED display, which presents an 1440×2560 pixels. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 5 should sport a 5.5 inches display too, except that it will be a QHD AMOLED one.


For now we don’t know anything about what type of design Nokia will employ for their product, but we know that the OnePlus 5 will include a ceramic build, similar to the one found on the Xiaomi Mi Mix. Moreover, there are rumors that the OnePlus device might choose to go for an entirely glass design, in order to offer their product a premium look and feel.

Software and Hardware

Both OnePlus 5 and Nokia 9 are said to run on the latest Snapdragon 835 CPU, paired with 6 GB RAM. Also, both of them might offer two storage options: 64 or 128 GB. Due to these hardware aspects, most likely both of them will run Android Nougat.


Nokia 9 should come with an impressive 22 MP camera which uses dual lens and Carl Zeiss optics. On the front, it would have a 12 MP snapper. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 5 device will have a 23 MP back camera and a 16 MP front one, so better than the Nokia device.


When it comes to battery, you have to know that the Nokia device should have a 3,800 mAh, while the OnePlus 5 phone will feature a 4,000 mAh one.

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