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Google Maps Destination History Update Available For iOS Devices


Google Maps is undoubtedly the best mapping app on the software market nowadays, and it’s free too. Sorry Apple Maps, but Google has been in the mapping game long before your suspicious app suggested that people drive straight through airport runways. While it’s true the Apple Maps have come a long ways since, Google’s version of the app is still everyone top pick, and that includes iPhone and iPad users as well.

New Feature

However, Google does limit what it shares with Apple devices as far as Maps is concerned. There are many features that Android and desktop users have at their disposal that aren’t available on Apple devices just yet. Accessing one’s destination history used to be among these Android-exclusives for years but now, Google has brought out the feature on iOS as well.

This timeline can be accessed both from visited place cards as well as from the Google Maps menu. On top of that, Google Maps can even send you a personalized email each month detailing each place you’ve been in the past month.

This is particularly helpful if you can’t quite remember what the name of that cool place you visited one time was, but you’d want to go again. Simply go do your Maps destination history to find out, and set up a new trip there too.

However, this feature is undoubtedly more useful for those of us that are more adventurous or outdoorsy and visit a lot of cool places. If you only ever go to the shops and work or school, you might not find this opportunity too exciting. However, maybe this new feature will also serve as reminder for you to go out more and live your life. You don’t want to let iOS down now, do you?

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