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Google Maps Helps You To Travel Faster and Easier with These Features


Google Maps is definitely the most used GPS traveling map so far. The navigation aide has some features which are less known, but can improve the quality of your traveling. By learning some tricks, Google Maps will soon become almost a personal assistant helping the user plan and execute a trip.

Start to star

The star option allows users remember a certain place they passed by. Most of us pass by restaurants, café shops or stores and would like to check them out in the future, but then we do not remember where they where or their names.

Save time

By saving your home and office addresses in the Your Place feature, time will also be saved. Simply type home afterwards and Google Maps will give you directions on how to get home.

Offline Maps are a must

Offline maps are useful not only for when we go abroad and cannot get internet access but also for times when there is not reliable Wi-Fi or data service to access.

Scenic Route option

Those who are going on a holiday and love to explore, the options: Avoid Highways and Avoid Tolls are worth considering. No more boring highways and spending precious time on toll lines. Discover alternative roads and enjoy the scenery.


This feature can be used when the location tracking option is on. Timeline will mark all the places visited and the option to review trip will be available. It is perfect for those who love to remember their travels and do not have time to make a travel journal.

Never lose your car again

With the option Drop a pin, users can always find their cars in big parking lots from malls or garages. Most of us are not careful where we park and usually spend time in the parking lot trying to find our own car.

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