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[Download] Facebook Messenger Beta with New Content and Fresh Changes


With the mobile industry gaining on the desktop market and even surpassing it in many ways, it was only natural that the market would shift towards mobile based applications and services. Such is the case with Facebook, which has received the Facebook Messenger variation. Technically, it’s not a variation but more like a standalone app that ties in with the main Facebook service. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service which lets you talk to your Facebook friends on the go.

It’s a really useful app to have, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home, but don’t want to spend time away from your friends and family. In order to benefit from the best experience however, you need to keep the app updated as Facebook continues to roll out these important patches. The most recent patch to be made available is the beta build, which offers users the opportunity to test out the latest implementations that Facebook has to offer.

What has changed?

The latest version of Facebook Messenger isn’t overflowing with new content, but it definitely has something fresh to offer. Users that download beta will be able to use the new feature, which is being able to see missed calls and their call history directly from the Messenger app.

This is great because it allows them to use only one main hub for all their contacts related inquiries or notifications. By doing this, Facebook also makes sure that its users will spend more time on the Facebook Messenger app instead of the phone’s native Phone app. At the end of the day, the feature is more convenient than anything else, because you save time by just going to one place.

Testing ahead of all your friends

One cool thing about trying out a beta version is that you get to try the latest features added to the app before any of your friends. If you’re the kind of competitive person that likes to always be ahead of their peers, you should definitely update to version beta and check out the new Phone related feature in Messenger.

Downloading the beta version

In case you were wondering what the quickest way to update the app is, you have multiple choices. You can either go to Google Play Store and update it from its official page, or use the APK file for version beta in order to update it manually. The latter solution is most times best for those that can’t connect to the web on their phones at the moment but still want the latest version of the app for when they’ll be able to return online.

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