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Minecraft 1.57 Download Available with Spooky Surprises and New Skin Pack


PlayStation 4 users received a brand new patch for Minecraft and there are plenty of surprises that come with it. It appears that this update came just in time for Halloween and it brought some scary additions. For those wondering, the new things include a skin pack inspired by a popular TV show.

Stranger Things skin pack

The beloved SF show has made an interesting appearance in the Minecraft game. These two worlds have collided and this led to an official skin pack that is available on the Minecraft marketplace for $3.

In this pack there are almost 50 skins, including the scary monster from the show. This pack appears to celebrate the brand new Stranger Things season that appeared recently. If you take a look at the official Minecraft site, you will be able to view all the skins from this pack.

Other additions

The Stranger Things pack is not the only spooky thing on the list. This update also comes with a Halloween Tumble arena that is available only for a certain period of time.

The Battle Mini Game now has a “Custom” game, which means that players are able to try some new settings such as choosing the number of rounds that have to be played before a winner is selected or select how players heal. Additionally, players can choose the number of lives per round.

The Custom Battle Games now have the No Armor item and the High Power item. The last one should let you use some of the most powerful items.

Tumble Mini Game also received the “Custom” game type, which allow you to choose the number of layers and their size, as well as the number of lives per round.

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