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Pokemon TCG Online 2.48.0 APK Download Prepares the Game for Crimson Invasion Expansion


Pokemon TCG Online is a card game that gives players the ability to trade, challenge and fight with other players across the world. Since this is a card game, Pokemon TCG Online players also get a chance to outwit their friends by creating clever strategies. Nonetheless, the reason we are talking about Pokemon TCG Online today is because a new major update for it is available for download.

Pokemon TCG Online 2.48.0 APK Update

This update measures in at 26.16MB and it prepares the game for the highly anticipated Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion expansion. Moreover, the update is available in form of APK (Android Package Kit) and its exclusive to Android users. Also, worth mentioning is that the update requires a minimum of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Sun and Moon – Crimson Invasion Expansion

As previously mentioned, the sole purpose of this APK update is to prepare the game for a brand-new expansion. The expansion is called Sun and Moon – Crimson Invasion and Pokemon TCG Online fans will finally get a chance to play it starting today (November 3rd).

This expansion is named after the fourth main expansion cards from the classic Sun & Moon Series. Furthermore, the expansion will feature Silvally and other rare Ultra Beasts Pokemon. Additionally, the expansion will also contain over 111 cards which feature 8 new Pokemon-GX and other Pokemon from the Alola region.

Also, worth mentioning is that this expansion has already been released in Japan under the name of Awakened Heroes – Ultradimensional Beasts. Japan players only received access to 50 new cards, but they include rare Pokemon such as Guzzlord and Sillvally.

Unlocking Cards and Decks

The most fun thing to do in Pokemon TCG Online is to unlock new cards and decks by defeating difficult opponents. Luckily, players will get to unlock 111 brand-new cards during this new expansion.

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