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Google Phone 9.0 Gets Android 8.0 O – What’s New?


A close analysis of the 9.0 update to the Google Phone has shown a couple of suggestions regarding the future Android O features. This includes the Notification Channels that were also included in the developers preview. Despite being far from the official release, the hidden features give us hope that the team at Google is already getting ready for the release of Android O.

More Features to Come

Android Police tore down the Google Phone 9.0 APK, and according to their report, there are clear signs of support for Android O. Naturally, there are lots of things to be noticed there, but one of the most popular and anticipated ones is the new approach regarding alerts that will be implemented along with the new operating system to be released this year.

Notification Channels Feature

Android O will enjoy a feature named Notification Channels. This will allow you to decide which notifications you will receive from a particular app. As such, you won’t get flooded with notifications you’re not interested in. They will be divided into categories if you enter the Phone app: incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails and missed calls, for example.

New Messaging Options

Besides this feature, we will also see some other secret functionalities in the Google Phone 9.0 APK. Some of these are in-call picture messaging, post-call messaging and some dialer codes for Motorola, for example. Surprisingly enough, people discovered some images of dog and cat paws inside the APK, but nobody is sure what they really mean.

You can sideload the app at any time from APK Mirror, but the features that were revealed are not official yet. Unless they are officially confirmed, the company can change their mind anytime and quit one or the other feature that was spotted here. However, people seem to be happy with these options, but it all depends on the developers.

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