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Clash of Clans Multi-Village Update Explained


From what we know until now, the upcoming update for the popular Clash of Clans game should be the biggest and the most challenging one. The team will be bringing some new features that players have been expecting for quite a while now.

Recently people discovered on Reddit an artwork related to the update. The image contained Chinese text, and thanks to gamers’ comradeship, we got the translation from people who know Chinese. We don’t have any official confirmation that the leak is legitimate, but if it is, it seems that Supercell wants to add several multi-village options to their game.

What Does a Multi-Village Option Mean?

Briefly put, players won’t need to switch between accounts and jump through hoops if they want to have a second village. It turns out that the text on the image says something similar to “second village”, which can only give people hope.

Besides this, the image also refers to a “night world of extreme speed”. We don’t really know what the developers meant by that, but some players seem to think it talks about a Night Mode that will make its appearance in the game. This might mean that instead of getting a tan in the sun, now you will be able to take care of your village under the moon light.

But it doesn’t stop here! If you take a good look at the image, you will see that there is also a ship in the background. iDigital Times reported that this is a hint to the Shipwreck feature that has been datamined by lots of players. The Shipwreck feature would indeed imply a multi-village option, so if one of them turns out to be true, then it can mean that the other one is true as well.

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