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Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Active to Receive Android Nougat Update


Finally, AT&T has announced the release of the Nougat update for the Galaxy S6 series. As such, the Galaxy S6, S6 edge and the S6 active will be getting the OTA file. Depending on the device, the update will measure between 1.2 GB and 1.36 GB.

The update will also carry all the features that get introduced along with Nougat. Among this, we have to mention an improved Doze mode, better security, an in-line reply feature, together with fixes for performance and stability. Moreover, you will also get the security patch released this year on April 1st. If you want to test the update as soon as possible, just go to the Settings menu and check for updates. You can install the update manually even if you weren’t prompted to do so.

However, don’t panic if you don’t find the update waiting for you. It might still take up a couple of days until the file reaches all the devices, so be patient.

Not as Good as It Sounds?

Definitely, people were crazy over the new features, and rightfully so. This Android version has been highly anticipated and it’s interesting to see in what directions will technology evolve from here. However, it turns out that not everything is as bright as it sounds.

Many people reported that they experienced various issues since they installed the update. And the types of issues were quite varied. For example, one person reported that they cannot use the Samsung Pay feature with Capital One cards, since these don’t verify. Another user complained about the fact that their contact and calendar apps have disappeared. Yet a couple more said that they had issues with syncing these apps. However, everybody is hoping that the company will release soon an update to solve these issues.

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