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Google Play Services Update Fixes Google Pixel Bluetooth Problems


The Pixel and Pixel L smartphones have received a submitted Bluetooth fix from Google which should be added via a new Google Play Services update. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL line of smartphones have generally had a good reception, with a solid reviews and a good overall design. However, they did have some issues where the Bluetooth connections were concerned.

Most recently, an incident has been reported by several owners of the aforementioned smartphones that after the February Security update has been released they have noticed that their Bluetooth would just randomly switch off without the owner’s consent. It would appear that the Pixel and Pixel XLs were reacting to them being rebooted, and when that happened they would turn off the Bluetooth.

Owners that turned off their phones every night would wake up with the Bluetooth turned off in the morning. Google has taken notice of this issue and has informed the users that the fix will be rolling out very soon.

Other issues

In last October, several users were reporting some pairing problems with their Nexus and Pixel devices and their cars. Even though some managed to get the connection set, quite often the link would be lost without any warning. What made the issue hard to fix was the fact that the problem was not a universal one. For example, if someone was streaming music, and a phone call would be received, then the Bluetooth would just simply disconnect.

Initially, it was considered that the 7.1 Nougat software upgrade for the Android was the perpetrator of this issue, but not all of the Pixel and Nexus devices seemed to be displaying this issue. It wasn’t until January that Google managed to finally duplicate the issue in a controlled environment and send out patches to fix the issues.

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