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Here Is Your Basic Guide to the iPhone’s DFU Mode


If you’re an iPhone user and haven’t heard or thought about putting your device into DFU Mode, then look no further. No matter what iPhone device you’re using right now, there’s an easy way to do it.

But first, let’s get to know more about DFU Mode.


What is DFU Mode?

Abbreviated as Device Firmware Upgrade, the DFU mode allows users to restore their iPhone devices from any state. This comes in handy for people who like to jailbreak and then un-jailbreak their phones.

This mode is the deepest kind of restore option that a user can do to their iPhone. There are a lot of expert guides online but you need to be aware that not all information found online is accurate. Therefore, you need to rely on a trusted resource like official guides websites and the like.

Keep in mind that the steps to turn your device into DFU mode will vary depending on each iPhone variant. Therefore, you need to look into the specific steps of whatever device you own.

Why Turn your iPhone to DFU Mode?

People restore their iPhones into DFU modes. This puts the device back to their factory settings so the owner can start over. If you have tried jailbreaking your phone, restoring to DFU mode is one way of disabling it.

Other than rebooting your jailbroken device, one of the reasons why people put their devices in this mode is upgrading or downgrading firmware.

What You Need to Know Before Doing It

Before putting your iPhone device in this mode, there are a few things you need to know.

  • This restore will only allow your device to interface with iTunes and not load your iOS or bootloader.
  • This will erase and reload every code that comes with your phone’s hardware and software.
  • A DFU mode reboot may potentially break your phone especially if it already has existing damages.

Therefore, always exercise with caution when you choose to do a DFU restore on your iPhone. The best thing you can do is to do it with the guidance of an iPhone or Apple device expert.

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