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Here’s What You Can Do When Your PS4 Controller Doesn’t Charge


The PS4 is one of the best consoles out there. Features like being to adjust its speaker volume and screen brightness make for an enhanced gaming experience.

However, it isn’t immune to having tech issues. One of the most common ones being talked about on forums is when the PS4 controller doesn’t charge.

If you are having the same troubles with your console, here are some fixes you can try out to address the issue.


Check the cable

The first thing you can do is check the hardware components. The wire connecting your charger can be frayed or having issues, thus causing the problem. Try charging your controller with a different charger. If it charges, then it’s a simple matter of replacing the charger itself.

Battery Replacement

If the wire looks fine, it could be the batteries. If you haven’t been using your console for that long, consider swapping the batteries you have for rechargeable ones.

Reset Mode

Another fix you can try is resetting the controller. Locate the small hole in the back of the device and press down on it for a few seconds. Try charging it again.

Hot Surfaces

Check where your controller is placed. If it’s on top of a hot surface, this could affect the temperature sensor. It’s a separate component attached by a wire known as the Bluetooth receiver that’s located directly underneath the cover.

Turn it upside down

Some gamers have reported that charging the PS4 controller upside down was able to solve the problem. It might be unusual but still worth a try. To do this, plug your PS4 remote, position it upside down and let it sit.

If none of these fixes don’ do the trick, then it might be time to bring it in for repairs. On the other hand, it may be more expensive to buy a new PS4 controller altogether.

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