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Here’s Why Searches for a Spotify Premium APK Spiked During March


There has been a spike in Google searches for “spotify premium apk” in 2018. In particular, the surge happened in the month of March, particularly in the week of March 4 to 10. What may have caused the surge?


Reasons for Peak in Search

Looking at the Google Trends data for the term from March 4 to 10 of this year shows that searches showed heightened interest around March 6 which then peaked on the 7th and 8th but eventually died down.

What happened on those days that could have caused a surge in searches for the term? Was there a Spotify related news during the time? Why were people looking for an APK then? And why were they interested in the Premium service?

Interest in the search term can be verified by customizing the date parameters of a Google search of the term. One of the top results was an article reporting about Spotify disabling modded accounts that made basic accounts into Premium ones.

Since a Spotify Premium APK is technically a modded app that eliminates restrictions and inconveniences (ads), the search surge might have something to do with this. Or, it could just be a coincidence.

But why would you want to install a modded app that Spotify was trying to disable anyway? Maybe users were curious to see if a modified app still work even with Spotify cracking down on users.

What Does the Modded App Do?

Spotify offers a free account, which most of the population is on. Just like anything offered without charge, there are certain restrictions. For one, users on free accounts have to deal with ads. There are also features they can’t use like unlimited skips.

Eliminating all the inconveniences requires having to pay for a Spotify Premium service. A lot of users don’t want to pay for the costs and they have found a kindred spirit in those providing modded apps.

To be fair,who doesn’t want premium services for no cost at all? Not every app offers such a service.

So the question that begs answering now is: do these users know they are doing the wrong thing? Or are they just desperate to avail of premium services that they resort to using modded apps? Or maybe they see their friends doing it and think its totally fine?

Three Reasons for Spike in Spotify Premium APK Search

Determining user behavior is tough and to be frank, the actual reason could fall between the three scenarios presented above or none at all.

There are some modded apps that give the freedom desired by users but don’t run afoul of certain restrictions. However, the Spotify fiasco in March clearly crossed the line. In response, Spotify send messages to users telling them of “abnormal activity” in their accounts and that they have disabled it.

That was as harsh a punishment Spotify gave offending users. In fact, said users can still use their Spotify accounts if they uninstall the modified version and download the genuine app from the Play Store.

There is always something exhilarating about breaking the rules but you have to deal with the consequences once caught. But as history has shown, people will just find another way to grab hold of premium services without forking out money.

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