Technology News, Tips and Tricks isn’t the official site for Lucky Patcher- Here’s Why


Yes, there is an official ring to but that isn’t the official site of the app’s makers. Instead, you’ll find new releases at

To be fair, both the official site and the assumed official site both carry the latest version of the app: 7.2.9. That said, now you know that you should be looking at another site for the latest release.


Lucky Patcher Updates

Being able to download and install apps not originating from the Google Play Store is one of the best features of an Android system. Users can simply go to trusted sources – official websites or big Android blogs – to download APKs.

APKs function like EXEs, which will be familiar to Windows users. It’s basically an installer that you download in order to get the app running on your device. Usually, you go to the Play Store to find an app you’d like to install. With an APK, it seems like you’re doing things manually.

When it comes to updates, it’s always best to head to the source – in this case, the makers – for the latest release. In the case of Lucky Patcher, the latest versions of the app are published at

If you dislike the notion of frequently checking the site for news, there’s social media to turn to. There’s a Lucky Patcher Facebook account that you can follow to keep up-to-date on new releases. As of this writing, the current version stands at 7.2.9.

To sum it all: you have to go to or the Lucky Patcher Facebook page for the latest updates.

Why is Lucky Patcher Not Available in the Play Store

Lucky Patcher is available as an APK. That means it can’t be found on the Play Store. There are many reasons an app can’t be found in that marketplace, including device incompatibility and region restrictions.

However, there are cases when apps are deliberately not on the Play Store. In the case of Lucky Patcher, it’s not there because of what it does.

Lucky Patcher removes ads, modifies app permissions, and bypasses license verification of premium applications – just to name a few. As you can see, these are things that most app makers don’t want but Lucky Patcher allows you to do them anyhow.

In reality, installing an APK from sources other than big names brings with it certain risks. You certainly don’t want to end up with a bricked phone, but sometimes you want certain freedoms when it comes to apps. And it’s a good thing that there are certain people who are willing to cater to that need.

Lucky Patcher Requirements

Given what Lucky Patcher can do, it requires that your mobile device be rooted. It’s the equivalent of “jailbreaking” in iOS. Meaning, restrictions are stripped off so you can do whatever you want to your phone.

Lucky Patcher is currently at version 7.2.9 and includes changes to the ads SDK, translation updates, and some bug fixes. Head over to or the Facebook page to get the latest.

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