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How Are Different Types of Headphones Used Now?

Did you know that the first headphones were originally created in 1910 and only in 1958 they could be used for industrial and commercial purposes? A pair of good headphones is something we almost take for granted these days, especially since there are many different types of headphones available.

But why are they so popular? And why there are multiple types of headphones on the market? Keep reading this article to find out. You’ll discover an impressive list of commercial headphones that are specially built for a certain purpose.


1. Gaming Headphones

These devices usually don’t need any introduction. Gaming headphones are designed to be used by amateur and professional computer gamers. They are comfortable and made from lightweight materials, so that gamers can wear them for many hours without feeling awkward or disturbed.

On top of that, gaming headphones are also equipped with high-quality microphones, so teammates can speak commands and instructions to each other during an intense game. Some of these products also feature physical buttons for controlling the volume or turning the mic on and off. One of the most important properties of gaming headphones is comfort, so if your ears start to hurt after just one hour of wearing them, you might need to buy better gaming headphones.

2. Wireless Headphones

Just as the name implies, wireless headphones come with no cords and they are the most portable ones out there. They are frequently used by travelers or joggers because they are comfortable and practical. Wireless headphones can be connected to virtually any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. The user operates his phone or table to play music, increase or decrease the volume as well as control the main functions of the headphones.

Wireless headphones also eliminate the hassle associated with untangling a cable. You just have to recharge them from time to time, put them over your ears and you’re ready to go.

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Granted, many headphones, including gaming ones, have noise-canceling properties. However, some headphones are specially designed to provide an undisturbed listening experience. They come with microphones that record the surrounding sounds.

Then they create a sound wave opposite to the one recorded which basically cancels it out. As a result, the surrounding noises such as traffic, voices or other sounds are mostly eliminated, allowing you to enjoy the pure beauty of your own music.

Noise-canceling headphones are some of the most popular out there. They are frequently used by students, workers, fitness enthusiasts in the gym or gamers. However, using them in a crowded street can be a bit dangerous because you need to hear cars or other people coming your way, so be mindful of that.

4. DJ and/or Studio Headphones

The headphones used by professional musicians are almost always different from regular headphones used by the rest of the people. These devices are of a higher quality and they usually have a higher price tag as well. Why? Because they can reproduce crystal-clear sounds in a broader acoustic range.

Studio headphones are used in musical studios, but also by producers who make music on the computer at home. DJ headphones are more complex because they are usually used on one ear only.

The DJ listens to the music in the headphones with one ear while the other ear listens to the speakers in the room. This is called beatmatching and it helps a DJ make smooth transitions between tracks. Most DJ headphones can also twist and swivel on one side while still staying comfortable on the DJ’s head.

5. Sport Headphones

You can also find sport headphones on the market today. These are specially designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and made from waterproof materials. Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes can use these sport headphones both in the gym and outdoors. Most sports headphones are resistant to sweat, rain or snow.

At the same time, sport headphones also come with embedded buttons, so you can quickly change the track or adjust the volume without taking the smartphone out of your pocket. In some cases, sport headphones are shipped with extra earbuds which allow you to use the headphones while swimming.

6. Bass Headphones

These headphones are quite common among teenagers who love deep, groovy bass sounds. Just as the name implies, the bass headphones are designed to reproduce low sound signals with greater accuracy. If most headphones have a range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, bass headphones might start at just 5 Hz or 10 Hz.

Additionally, bass headphones are equipped with other acoustic technologies that emphasize the low musical notes in each song. You can find out more about bass headphones, disposable headphones, and other types of headphones on

7. Wired Headphones

If you have wireless headphones, why would you want to go back to wired ones? This is a good question and the truth is that wired headphones usually provide a much better sound quality whether you’re gaming or listening to your favorite tunes.

Wired headphones send the sound signals through a cable at a very fast rate of speed. There’s no latency and the sound quality is not diminished, even if the cable itself measures several feet in length. On the other hand, wireless headphones usually rely on Bluetooth technology to send audio signals. If the headphones are too far away from the smartphone, the sound quality might drop.

That’s why many people still go for wired headphones, especially since these products can also be much cheaper. Whether you want to game or make music at home, a wired headset can be a great acoustic companion for you.

Which One Of These Different Types Of Headphones Is Your Favorite?

As you can see, different types of headphones can be used for different purposes. Ideally, you would have a pair for each type of activity you do such as jogging, gaming or traveling. If your budget is smaller now, go for a pair of wired headphones as they can be used for most activities.

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