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The Great Escape Room Challenge: How Escape Rooms Make You Smarter

Do you know why escape rooms have become a global craze?

Some people like the idea that they can realize their dreams of being a hero even if it’s just for an hour or so. Others appreciate the childlike thrill of exploring a new world that didn’t involve a screen. And then there are those who more than the challenge escape rooms offer, love that they can do something fun with their family and friends.

Now, if you’ve yet to try the great escape room experience, you may be looking for a more compelling reason to finally do so. That said, let’s talk about how escape rooms are good for your brain and can actually make you smarter.


Puzzles Are Brain Food

Though escape rooms may have different themes, the goal is the same. Your group has to solve a problem in a certain amount of time. To do that, you and your teammates have to unravel a series of puzzles. 

And in the process of doing so, your brain gets a workout and all the mental benefits that come with it. That includes improved memory, better problem-solving skills, improved visual-spatial reasoning, increased attention to detail, and so on.

Of course, the more you play, the more your brain gets to enjoy these benefits. So if you have a chance to try an escape room today, go for it.

The Great Escape Room Experience Is Fun

Which is exactly why it’s good for your brain. You know that for kids, play is essential to their development. But it also has tons of benefits for adults

And no, fiddling with your phone doesn’t count. It has to be play that involves at least another person or a pet. That’s because this kind of play helps relieve stress, stimulates the mind and boost creativity, and improves brain function.

Yes, the more you have fun, the better it is for your brain. With escape rooms, you’re actually getting double the brain benefits because while you’re challenging your brain solving puzzles, you’re also having fun.

Games like Escape the Room Can Be Your Exercise for the Day 

When you visit escape rooms, you’re not just getting a mental workout. If you dart around the room, trying to look for clues and crack codes, that can be your workout for the day.

As you know exercise is one of the pillars of brain health. Regular exercise can help preserve existing brain cells and foster the growth of new ones.

Of course, we’re not saying escape rooms should be your only form of physical activity. But rather, you should see it as something different you can do once in a while, especially if you’re getting bored with your workout routine. 

Ready to Try Escape Rooms?

Now that you know more about what to expect when you go for the great escape room experience, are you ready to give it a try?

It would be good to go with your family or friends if you’re looking for new ways to bond and get smarter at the same time.

For more escape room tips, as well as gaming advice, don’t forget to check out our other articles.

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