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How to Create a Mobile App: A Starter Guide

If you think that creating an app is a simple process, you’re wrong. Creating the perfect app takes a lot of thought, effort, and time. In fact, the average app will take around 33 weeks to develop

Once you’ve accepted that creating an app takes time, you’re ready to begin the process. But where do you start? 

Keep reading to learn the basic steps for how to create a mobile app. 


Nail Down Your Idea

The mobile app creation process starts with nailing down the specific idea for your app. 

Maybe you want to create a mobile game like one of the many featured on Gamemine Orange. Or, maybe you want to make a useful app, like an innovative budget racker. 

Regardless of what your idea is, you need to discover the main goal of your app. What do you want the user to get out of your app and how do you plan on providing that?

Think About the Main Features

The best apps to make are the ones that are easy to use and functional. An app idea is great, but it’s useless if the app doesn’t actually function as it should. 

Think about the main features of your app. Will your app function without an internet connection or will it require an online connection? Will people be able to connect with others via the app or is it a private experience?

One of the most important features to consider is how you’ll make money off of the app. You can either charge for the app itself or consider other app monetization options

Hire a Designer 

Are you wondering, “can I make a mobile app on my own?” Odds are, if you’re reading an article about the basic steps to make an app, you don’t have the technical skills to create the app on your own. 

Once you’ve discovered the perfect idea for your app and thought about the main features and flow, it’s time to hire a designer to make your app come to life. 

Research a few different app designers before showing anyone your idea. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection to a few designers, you can show them your ideas and research and see if they think they’d be a good fit.  

Get Feedback

Once the designer begins working on your app, they’ll create several drafts along the way. 

Before you head straight to mobile app marketing, you want to get feedback on the different app versions. Find which versions rank high for usability and design. Ask for feedback on what the users wish the app contained. 

Once you publish a version of the app, don’t ignore further feedback. Look at the app store reviews and create updated versions to keep your users happy. 

Now You Know How to Create a Mobile App

After reading this article, you now know the basic steps of how to create a mobile app. 

Start by nailing down your exact mobile app idea and thinking about the main features and how the app will flow. Then, hire a designer to make your ideas come to life and function efficiently. Finally, receive feedback on your first version of the app and make changes until it’s ready to be published. 

Once you’ve created and perfected your app, consider developing a website for marketing purposes. Read this article to discover how long it takes to create the average website. 

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