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How to Master the Creation of Presale Codes for Your Product or Event

The importance of launching & building excitement for your new product or service is often underestimated. People have more options than ever which means you have to be a better marketer than ever. You have to get people to want to choose your product or service over the wide variety of other people offering the same or similar products and services.

One of the ways you can sway customers to choose your company is through presale codes. Whether you’re pre-selling tickets, products or services, it is an effective way to get attention and lock people into spending money with you.

Are you ready to boost your sales by using presale codes? Continue reading this article to learn more.


Make It Available to People That Want It

You want to make it easy for people that are looking for what you have to offer to find your presale passwords. Whether you’re selling concert tickets, a new gadget or a new service, people are likely looking for what you have and they love discounts.

Even if people want what you have to offer and they love discounts and presale deals, if they can’t find it — it’s not going to help you or them. You need to learn how to get the word out about your presale codes.

Before we talk about getting the word out about your presale codes, let’s talk about a few of the benefits of using presale codes.

Top Benefits of Using Presale Codes

Why would you want to pre-sell your event, product or services? Why not just sell it once it is ready to go? Here are just a few of the reasons why presales make sense.

1. You Don’t Have to Make the Product

If you go all out with your marketing and get the word out to all the right people and no one is interested — you can scrub the project. Instead of having a bunch of products that people don’t want, you already know people don’t want them before you make them.

You don’t want to have to try to convince people they want what you have to offer. You want to be able to sell things people want. People want plenty of things so don’t waste your time making products people don’t want.

2. You Can Test Things Quickly

When you use presale codes to get people to take action before your product is available, you can test to see what’s working for you. You can test your ideas quickly and without damaging your pocketbook.

Using Presale Codes to Sell Your Product, Service or Event

Now that you know the benefits of pre-selling your product, service or event, let’s get into how to get started. If you do things right, you could stand to make a significant profit.

1. Determine What You’re Going to Sell

Before you can start selling anything, you need to know what it’s going to be and that people are likely to want it. Don’t start selling without doing research. Even if you don’t have to make the product because you’re preselling, there’s no use marketing something that is obviously not what people want.

No rotary phones, please.

2. Put a Plan Together

Before you start doing anything, you need to put a plan together so you can get a more concrete idea of what you’re going to do. If you’re creating a physical product, you might make a 3D model of it. If you’re creating a digital course, you could create a written outline so people know what it is going to be about.

3. Create Your Sales Page

Once you know what you’re going to offer, you have to have a sales page. Your sales page needs to get the attention of your target audience. You should also ask relevant questions within the sales page. You should list the benefits of your products so people will understand why they should buy it.

Your sales page is also where you’ll put your presale code that gets people to make the decision to buy.

4. Launch Your Offer

Now that you have everything together, it is time to give yourself a way to take payments. Some people use Stripe, others use PayPal or online teaching platforms depending on what you’re creating.

Once you have things together it’s time to move on to the next step and that is getting the word out.

5. Get the Word Out

In the presale stage, you want to get people familiar with your presale code so even if they don’t choose to buy right now, they will remember it and come back.

You can get the word out through sending the presale code out through email, social media blasts, influencer marketing, ads on Facebook and Instagram and more.

When you’re pre-selling, you need to get your message out about your product, service or event to your target market through as many methods as possible. When your message keeps showing up in front of them, they are much more likely to take action.

More Than Presale Codes

While using presale codes will help you as you’re building your business and working to bring in more sales, there’s more to marketing than one or two tactics. Don’t stop learning about how to market and make sales with this article. We have many other articles that can help you with business and life that can help you take things to the next level.

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