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How to Sell a Watch Online: A Helpful Guide

Time for an upgrade?

If you’re switching to a new watch, then selling your old one makes sense. A watch can fetch a good price even second hand. A high-quality traditional watch retains a lot of its value, but a modern smartwatch can find a second home with someone looking for an affordable gadget, too.

Here’s how to sell a watch the easy way.


Box It Up

You can sell your watch on its own, but you’ll usually get the best results from selling it closer to its retail form.

For a watch, that means working out whether you still have the original packaging. If you can box it up and include any accessories it came with, you’re sure to fetch a better price.

Of course, you may have thrown the box out. Still, do your best to highlight any extras that come with the watch when you make your listing. This will entice buyers and make you stand out from other sellers.

Restore It

Perhaps you want the best price for your watch or even just want it to be its best self for its next owner. Either way, you should try to restore the watch to as close as you can get to factory conditions.

This doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune restoring it, but at least make the effort. A good clean and a replacement strap can go a long way.

If you’re selling a smartwatch. like an Apple watch, then resetting the device will also wipe the slate clean for the next buyer.

Find a Platform

eBay remains one of the biggest second-hand markets around, but there are many places to sell a watch online.

There are even several dedicated watch-selling sites, so be sure to take a look at the various marketplaces before selling a watch on eBay. There’s not always a single best option—prices and competition from other sellers will vary over time.

Try to do some research and pick a platform where your brand of watch isn’t overwhelmingly present. If demand is high, you’ll sell faster and achieve a better price.

Look at Other Sales

As with any kind of second-hand selling, one of the better ways to get a good price is to look at the competition.

This is easy enough if you’re using an online platform. You can usually take a look at other listings to see the going rate for your watch. You can adjust the price up or down by its relative condition, too. A watch in great repair with all of its original packaging will sell for more.

How to Sell a Watch the Easy Way

If you’ve been wondering how to sell a watch, then wonder no longer. With these tips, selling your watch will be a simple matter of time. That extra cash can offset the cost of a new watch, so selling your old one just makes sense.

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