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How to Set Up Dual Monitors with Your Laptop for Work

If you are still using just one monitor, you are living in the past.

Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to use dual monitors for more than just gaming. They use it to make work easier and to just look cool at their desk.

Plus, knowing how to set up dual monitors is easy. To do it, all you need to do is make sure you have the right parts. This usually means having a decent graphics card and the right connection cords.

Then, you just need to plug everything in and start enjoying your multi-monitor setup. Keep reading below to learn more about its benefits and how to set it up.


The Benefits of a Dual Monitor Setup Are Huge

There are countless benefits to setting up multiple monitors for your workspace. Most people don’t think that they need the additional space until they have it. Once it’s set up though, they never want to go back.

You can open many different windows at once, making it easy to switch between programs. You can also leave information from one monitor up while working on another project. That way, you don’t need to keep clicking between a browser and an editor, for example.

Instead, you can just glance at the monitor with your browser to find the information you need. It makes you much faster at work and makes working much easier.

Wondering How to Set Up Dual Monitors?

To set up multiple monitors, you first need a computer that can support it. Most modern desktops have multi-monitor support built into their graphics cards. Everything from the early AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards supports multiple monitors.

You also need multiple ports to support the monitors on a desktop. Luckily, most graphics cards are built with several HDMI and VGA ports. Most also have multiple DisplayPort connectors, which is a new and unique kind of connection.

This kind of connection speeds up the way things are displayed on your screen. It also makes switching between them seamless, natively moving your cursor from one screen to the other. Since your graphics card handles the displays, it can naturally make the displays look like one big screen.

After connecting your monitors, you need to go into your display settings. Here, you can select the main monitor in your setup. You can also select the order they’re displayed in and even their orientation, in case you’re using a display in portrait mode. 

The Best Laptop Desk Setup Includes Monitors

Many people use laptops to get their work done now. These people may think that it’s impossible for them to have multiple monitors — but they’re wrong. The HDMI and display ports on their laptops can connect to other monitors to expand their screen space, even without a desktop.

And if you want more than one additional screen, you can invest in a docking system. Through this kind of component, you can have a dual monitor and laptop setup. That way, you can plug in two additional monitors and effectively have three displays, if you’re counting your laptop’s display.

If the connector isn’t working, you may need some MacBook repair. It should work as soon as you plug the cord in, and you will have a great laptop setup!

Setting Up Another Monitor Is Easy

When people see technology experts in the movies, they usually see them surrounded by displays. The glow of illuminated pixels fills their face — astonishing audiences with their expertise. But in reality, knowing how to set up dual monitors is ridiculously simple.

If you have the right parts, all you need to do is plug everything in. The computer will handle the rest. And to learn more about the benefits of having multiple monitors, and how to make the most of your system, just keep reading our website!

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