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What Are the Different Types of Laptops That People Use Today?

Are you looking for the very best laptop in today’s tech-filled world? There are so many choices when you walk into a store or shop online that you may find yourself incapable of choosing or even telling them apart. 

What buying a laptop comes down to is what you use it for. Breaking things down into these types of laptops will help you rule out things that will and won’t work for your lifestyle.


Everyday Notebook

A laptop is often dubbed a notebook, and this is a general term for a computer that offers the laptop experience. It is portable, generally has a screen about 13 to 16 inches without weighing more than 10 pounds, and can serve as a regular everyday computer. If you want a basic laptop, you can buy one for a low price and don’t need any fancy operating options. 

While a laptop isn’t ideal for everyone, they are very convenient. They also come in so many varieties today that even if you prefer a desktop, you might be swayed by the options.


You may be looking for the best laptop for entertainment purposes, which would likely be desktop laptops. These laptops can take the place of a desktop and are often bigger with higher laptop performance capabilities than your everyday notebook. If you’re planning to use your laptop for gaming, check out this article for some excellent options. 

Ultrabooks and Ultraportable

These two options are for laptop users who need to be on the move. They are lightweight and run on lower settings for longer-lasting battery capabilities.

Ultrabooks are a specific kind of ultraportable laptop with excellent security. If you’re looking for a laptop you can travel with for work purposes; this is a great choice.

Netbooks and Tablets

If you’re looking for the most travel-friendly laptop experience and don’t want to spend money on a brand new laptop, a netbook or tablet might be right for you. Netbooks are slowly going away as tablets move to the forefront, but with their small design and flexible body, they can make a great laptop.

Tablets don’t always come with a keyboard but almost always have the extension you can buy. They work well if you don’t need a keyboard all the time or simply want to take your work wherever you go. 

Operating System

While you consider the size and system capabilities you need, you should also think about the different operating systems. You might want to continue using what you used before or switch to the same system your job uses. Whether you go with Apple, Chromebook, Windows, Android, or Linux, choose the best laptop for you. 

Too Many Types of Laptops

Choosing a new computer can feel challenging and urgent. If you need one right away, you might think you don’t have time to make the most educated decision. While there are plenty of types of laptops, knowing what you like and what you will use your laptop for can help narrow down your choices immensely. 

Don’t panic, and make a list of your needs and laptop uses. Then you’ll be picking out the perfect laptop in no time. And if this helped you slim down your options, keep reading for other useful tech tips.

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