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How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to GBWhatsApp


One of the great things about WhatsApp is that it allows you to back up chats and media to Google Drive. With this option, you can still get access to such data even though you’ve switched phones. And the concept also applies should you want to use GBWhatsApp.


Backup WhatsApp Data

You may not be changing phones but if you want to completely switch to GBWhatsApp as your messenger of choice, backing up your data allows you to still see them using a new app.

The backup process is not difficult. You just have to open WhatsApp then head to Settings à Chats à Chat backup. Choose Back up to Google Drive then pick any other backup frequency other than Never.

Keep in mind that it might take a while to do this, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever backed up data after using the app for so long.

Download GBWhatsApp and Delete WhatsApp

You can do a Google search to find a provider of the GBWhatsApp APK. Once that’s done, you can uninstall WhatsApp but it’s very important you don’t tap on the clear data option.

Install GBWhatsApp

Tap on the APK file you just downloaded and follow the instructions to install GBWhatsApp. Just make sure Unknown Sources is enabled in Settings before you do this.

Transfer Data

Find the WhatsApp folder saved in your Google Drive. Rename that to GBWhatsApp.

Open the newly renamed folder and look for the Media folder. Inside that folder will be other folders with names such as WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Video, etc. You have to name all those to GBWhatsApp Audio, GBWhatsApp Video, and so on. Note that newer versions of the app might not require you to do this.

Once you’ve renamed all folders, open GBWhatsApp. It will ask you for your phone number, just like the regular WhatsApp. Follow the instructions as the procedure is similar to the original WhatsApp.

If you’re asked to restore messages and media from Google Drive, tap Restore.

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