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How to Increase Gmail Productivity with Extensions


Gmail is regarded as one of the more successful of email services available, and together with Chrome make quite the pair in terms of efficiency and productivity.

KeyRocket extension

Key shortcuts are efficient when you want to quickly navigate menus. However, most people do not know them by heart and instead of wasting time searching for them on google, they might as well just navigate the menu. KeyRocket is an extension for Gmail that can help solve this issue.

What it does is that it tracks the things you do in Gmail and will show you in a pop-up what shortcut is featured in that particular action. While it doesn’t initially help you master shortcuts on Gmail, by continuously using Gmail and following the tips on the popup, you will eventually learn them.

Inbox When Ready

Notifications for emails can be quite distracting at times, particularly if you have a very active email. You will on occasion want to just avoid having to interact with it and just enjoy something else. With the help of Inbox When Ready you can achieve this. It helps control the access to your Gmail so you can be focused on other things.

You can lock your e-mail and only access it when you want to. You can still write e-mails and access your archived e-mails, but you won’t see the ones that are still in-waiting. Click Show Inbox when you wish to unlock your email.

Checker Plus

This Gmail extension will help you avoid distractions while also providing user-friendly notifications for when you have received an email. It adds instant pop-ups for when you have received a message, and also a drop-down menu window that helps display the inbox in an interface similar to a chat window

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