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New Surface device confirmed by Microsoft


Microsoft has seen fit to tease us with the hardware on their new Surface device. The CEO of Microsoft has previously declared that people would see the ultimate smartphone in 2017.

Reports show that this new phone will most likely be released this year on the market and it seeks to shine with a unique new outtake on the handheld device. They seek to change the market’s perspective on a device with this new entry in the Surface line of devices. This has been seen in the approach taken in the previous Surface devices, where a simple and basic pattern has been taken and reconfigured and reimagined to achieve a fresh, new approach.

For example, the Surface Laptop could pretty much be the closest thing you can have to a traditional looking laptop, but it will be directly in competition with its MacBook counterparts as far as pricing and desirability is concerned. As far as specifications are concerned, we are yet to see any details and hopefully reviewers will gain access to one and will inform us soon. This will most likely be the same approach the Surface Phone will take.

Currently, Microsoft already has an example of a mobile device that not only is gaining popularity, but is also something different from your average smartphone. Microsoft Hololens is pretty much its own computer, which is designed to function hands free. You can use it to call someone, use the internet and even run 3rd party apps without any issues. While not exactly a ‘’phone’’, you can see it as a separation point from the traditional phone but not completely that it forgets its roots.

Judging by this trend, Microsoft no doubt has more projects in the work now with interesting design choices based on traditional, minimalistic aesthetics.

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