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No Delay in Project Scorpio Release Date (in Spite of Rumors)


Let’s face it, the tech world will always be prone to rumors forming around major releases and their adjacent details. And naturally, some of these rumors turn out to be false. Needless to say, they should all be taken with a grain of salt. Simply put, never believe everything you read on the Internet, especially when the official developer of the product hasn’t given a statement on the matter yet.

This was the case with Microsoft’s much expected release of their newest console, Project Scorpio. The console was initially revealed at E3 2016 by the tech giant, and it was heavily hyped up and marketed, all for good reason. No wonder fans went crazy and started speculating. Project Xbox Scorpio is set to have the fastest ever processor, with a speed of a whopping 1172 MHz that no console has seen before.

Project Scorpio Set to Release as Planned

However, in spite of rumors spreading that Project Scorpio’s launch on June 11, 2017 will be delayed by Microsoft due to some unforeseen issues with the production line, Phil Spencer (the head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division) stated otherwise in a Twitter response. According to Spencer, the launch will proceed as planned, and no issues were encountered with the schedule. So there you have it. The rumors have been debunked by Phil Spencer himself.

We’re sure that at least a few more rumors will hit the forums until June 11, and people will always find new things to speculate about. But, as mentioned before, make sure you filter all these hypothetical pieces of information and only believe news that comes from trustworthy or official sources. In this way, you can avoid spreading false rumors around yourself, and you’re also doing yourself a great favor by not creating false expectations.

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