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Install iOS 11 Public Beta 7 Without Any Problems


iOS 11 is almost here and Apple enthusiasts can barely hold their excitement. For those who cannot wait any longer, the brand released iOS 11 Public Beta 7 that is available for anyone who wants to test it. However, as it turned out there is a reason why it is still in Beta. Some users encountered an issue when their installation gets stuck at the “Preparing Update” phase. The basic troubleshooting steps do not solve this problem so it does not help to simply reboot the device. Nevertheless, a solution has been found.

How to solve this issue

First of all, open your Settings app, go to General and select iPhone Storage. Wait until the list is updated and scroll down until you see iOS OTA. After you find it tap it and delete it.

Return to Software Update (where you will see that you have to download again the files) and select Download & Install. This should work and there shouldn’t be any more issues

How to make sure that the new iOS OTA file won’t be corrupted

  • Don’t use cellular data

Wi-Fi network is recommended, but you have to make sure that it is a reliable source and that the signal is strong enough.

  • Leave your device alone

It may be tempting to leave Software Update and use your device the entire time, but it is not a wise choice. It can affect the downloading proceed and you might get another corrupted file. You should just leave it finish the downloading process and return to it after.

  • Make sure that your device is charged

Check if it has enough power so that it won’t shut down while downloading. To be really sure, plug it in before.

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